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Fee Structure

Registration Form/Brochure at the time of Admission

1 Admission Non-Refundable 25,000.00
2 Caution Money Refundable 10,000.00
3 Annual Charge Non-Refundable (Annualy) 5,000.00
3 Development Charge Non-Refundable (Annualy) 2,000.00
Total 42,000.00

Tuition Contribution

1 Beg. to V Per Month 2,000.00


1 As per Distance Minimum Rupees 500/- Per Month upto 5 KM

NOTE: Transport Contribution depends on market rates of fuel. It may get revised as per hike in rates of fuel (Diesel/Petrol). Tuition Fee and Transport Fee will paid quarterly

20 % Discount on Admission Fee For Known Guardian's Students.

10 % Discount on Admission Fee For Girls.