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Chairman IDPS


IDPS shopian was started to help and support the country’s Education sector. Much as it uses the CBSE curriculum and is open to all students in J&K and the country irrespective of their nationalities. The teaching and the major medium of communication in the school is ENGLISH. We are committed to help the Govt. and the people of the state to have quality education. As we all know that wherever any country has good education, it directly helps in its economic growth.

Children at IDPS shopian is offered the same quality education like all other children using the same curriculum in the best schools of India. It is important to note that we are offering our education at relatively cheap costs, but with the high quality, facilities and human resource.

We aim to encourage learning by making the curriculum as interactive as possible where children can learn practically and develop as independent learners.

As Management policy we bring professionals into the school and take the children out to places of educational and historical importance to expand their mental horizon, to get expertize and make learning more real and logical.

My heartfelt appreciations to school staff and best wishes to IDPS’ians.