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True education is one which prepares for life & fits into the context of the prevailing times and society. One of the vehicles through which the spirit is gaining expression is SEWA- Social Empowerment through Work Education and Action. Sewa propels students to take up social, civic health or environment projects that connect them to a cause and generates the sense of responsibility in initiating a progressive action towards it.

IDPS is committed to appreciation based school curriculum at all levels, installation of Labs, incorporation of sports-for-development based leadership programmers and the sustained promotion of reading for pleasure across the entire school. Over the year, a number of pedagogical interventions have been brought in not only to enhance the scholastic and co-scholastic domains, but also to impplant strong values and life skills in students.

School is taking effective and meaningful steps to mitigate the fast depleting green cover and rapidly deteriorating ambient air quality besides reengineering and upgrading every facet of education for its students and teachers.

An effective communication link between parent and school is imperative to ensure the best possible holistic development of students. We keep strengthening this link through school website and mobile app. It is our priority to respond to the parents constructive feedback and concerns for the betterment of their wards and progress of the school.